Quality Assurance

Transcom insists on having good relationships with customers. In order to keep pace with the rapidly change of advanced technology, Transcom would like inform the customers of new solutions and products that have entered the market. Transcom will provide practical and highly quality products to its customers.

Our product policy for launching the market is Q & P.
Q - Quality, including Performance, Reliability, and Service.
P - Price
Transcom aims to offer customers the product with not only the best quality but also the best price to enhance customers' competition in the market.
In order to make this commitment, Transcom already planned and built up its internal quality control and quality assurance functions for managing the product development and production based on ISO9001 quality system.
For permanent business operation and administration, Transcom will keep on improving the product quality to meet our quality policy and commitment:
" Total Customer Commitment" to customers.

Total Customer Commitment Folw Chart (pdf, 11kb)

Screening and Testing for MIC module and Amplifier Products
In order to assure the highest level of reliability, Transcom has implemented its own screening program referred from MIL-STD-883. Customized screening procedures are available on special request.

Testing Transcom's MIC module substrate receives 100% visual inspection and electrical testing. Wire bond testing is also conducted on assembly station in accordance with MIL-STD-883. Screening Transcom has its own screening capability to do pre-cap inspection, high temperature bake, burn in, temperature cycle (shock), gross leak, shock and vibration tests, and final mechanical and electrical inspection to assure the best quality and reliability.

Transcom has implemented its own screening program derived from MIL-STD-883. (See Table 1.) This standard screening applies to our Amplifier products. Customized screening procedures are available upon request.

Test Method Test Condition
Pre-Cap Visual Inspection 2017, 2010 Modified, Transcom QA Doc. WKI-000786-2
Burn-In 1015 C, 24 Hrs @ +80C
Stabilization Bake ----- +105℃, 24 hours
Thermal Cycle 1010 Modified ,-45C to +90C, 10 cycles
Leak Test 1014 C (Gross-Leak)
Final Electrical ---- Transcom Standard
External Visual Inspection 2009 Customer Specs, Transcom DRW

Transcom has the capability to apply further screening procedures and environmental conditions upon special request for military screening. Transcom also has a low-cost screening process for commercial amp products.

Quality And Reliability

Figure 1 demonstrates the high temperature DC life test results of Transcom standard 1W(T5) GaAs FET. The devices exhibit an extrapolated DC lifetime of more than 108 hours at 110 C Channel Temperature. The MTTF test results derived from three elevated channel temperatures of 226 C, 246 C and 260 C. Failure of the devices defined as 20 % degradation in Idss from room temperature values.



Based on our PHEMT technology, Transcom has successfully developed product lines of MMICs.